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Situation: The most under advantaged, underserved communities in Hennepin County (Minneapolis) also have some of the worst access to public transit. For years, they’ve had promises broken and pleas for help unanswered. Now that the Blue Line Extension project is becoming a reality, residents are excited – but many still have questions about what it really means for their families, their businesses, and their communities.

Idea 💡️:
People are tired of hearing from “thought leaders” outside of their community. We went out into the neighborhoods along the Blue Line to speak with real people about their hopes and concerns. These are their stories, in their own words.

Tinkerer. Fictioneer™. Yarn-spinner. Kickball team captain (retired).
Driven to find irresistibly unexpected solutions to all sorts of business challenges. Energized by lending a compelling voice to brands, people, causes and moments of time.

About this site: Less a portfolio. More a collection of brand snapshots through time (that paid my mortgage). Likely in need of refreshing.

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