Irresistably unexpected brand storytelling.

Brief: Breathe life into how the world’s largest consumer tech company portrays non-white, non-straight, non-conforming people of all kinds.

Real opportunity: Break the mold. Hire talented creators to tell their own stories. Reset the economics.

The Take Stock project gives partner photographers creative control to tell stories about people from their own communities. Their cast, their crew, their vision. We (agency) take a step back and act as facilitators. Best Buy fronts the $$ and photographers retain ownership. I’m proud of this work and hope ideas like this continue to get traction.

︎ Shortlisted for The One Show Fusion Pencil.
︎ Winner, American Advertising Federation Mosaic Award, AdFed Best in Show for Public Service and Gold in three additional categories.

Partner Photographers: Alexis Hunley, Naima Green and Christian Rodriguez.

Tinkerer. Fictioneer™. Yarn-spinner. Kickball team captain (retired).
Driven to find irresistibly unexpected solutions to all sorts of business challenges. Energized by lending a compelling voice to brands, people, causes and moments of time.

About this site: Less a portfolio. More a collection of brand snapshots through time (that paid my mortgage). Likely in need of refreshing.

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