Irresistably unexpected brand storytelling.

︎ We traveled the country to find the truth behind the #1 electronics retailer. What we found was incredible.

Four films, featuring real stories and real customers. Stories about how all of us use technology to make life better. (Plus the corresponding integrated marketing stack of website, CRM and social.) Likely the most gorgeous B2B campaign I’ll ever touch. This one’s special.

︎ Winner of a Silver Addy at the American Advertising Federation (AAF) nationals, and four regional AdFed Pins for Cinematography, Editing and B2B Website.
Verdict: People don’t just come to Best Buy to purchase this or that. They come to unleash their potential. They come looking for the perfect piece of technology that will bring their dream to life.

Tinkerer. Fictioneer™. Yarn-spinner. Kickball team captain (retired).
Driven to find irresistibly unexpected solutions to all sorts of business challenges. Energized by lending a compelling voice to brands, people, causes and moments of time.

About this site: Less a portfolio. More a collection of brand snapshots through time (that paid my mortgage). Likely in need of refreshing.

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