Irresistably unexpected brand storytelling.

Brief: Describe what it feels like to feel good. Not just everyday okay, but really great. What if there was a way your could feel this way more often?

Real opportunity: This campign was born from the lingering changes many of us have experienced since the lockdown days. Remote work, reduced social options and curtailed routines made many of us both less active – and less joyful. It’s all related. We wanted to communicate the interplay between joy and physicallity to promote healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Tinkerer. Fictioneer™. Yarn-spinner. Kickball team captain (retired).
Driven to find irresistibly unexpected solutions to all sorts of business challenges. Energized by lending a compelling voice to brands, people, causes and moments of time.

About this site: Less a portfolio. More a collection of brand snapshots through time (that paid my mortgage). Likely in need of refreshing.

More. More. More.

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